Infidelity Investigations


It is hard enough to imagine your spouse cheating, if this thought lingers over time it can be self-destructive.  Wait to long to find out you may start blaming yourself or making excuses for your partner even if you could never imagine doing such a thing. If they have already moved on it is best to face the facts and confront it head on than to pretend everything is okay, and if they are not cheating then you can get some sleep and have your faith restored.

It is not always just a one-night stand like movies portray in affairs.

Website PINOW has many good points on clues to look for and habits to watch that may be hint at the possibility of an affair.

  1. Changes in intimacy: A distinct increase or decrease in intimacy, affection levels, and/or sexual preferences may indicate infidelity.
  2. Suspicious phone habits: A spouse that hides his or her phone or is secretive about their call logs and text messages may be cheating.
  3. Changes in appearance: A marked change in style of dress, intimate wear, and/or personal hygiene can be a clue.
  4. Suspicious internet use: Much like phone habits, a cheating spouse may be overly secretive when it comes to their browser history and general internet and computer habits.
  5. Changes in work routine: It may seem like a cliche but a husband or wife that suddenly needs to “work late” or “go to a conference” frequently is a sign of infidelity.
  6. Changes in bathing habits: A spouse that showers right when they get home, switches cologne or perfume, or changes their grooming habits can be a sign of cheating.


Most the time affairs start with a spark of lust or similar emotions, once comfortable the suspected partner may get curious and gain enough courage to speak to the person they lust for, should that person respond positively it will increase the likelihood of a long-term affair.

We offer an investigation customized to your needs, we can simply follow your partner around and let you know, or go as far as capturing photos and video and putting together a media disk for you should it be needed. Our prices are reasonable and knowing the truth rather than living a lie will pay for itself. If you would like to start an investigation use the form, the first 4 hours (minimum) are to be paid up front and any mileage, media, special request, expenses, or extended hours will be made available on an invoice.