How you handle Elder Abuse is the key to putting an end to it.

Keep Notes

Keeping notes helps retain details you may later forget, such as items out of place, suspects clothing, and the time are all crucial for investigators to make a profile and create a timeline.

Report The Crime

It is said that one in every ten senior citizens experience at least one form of abuse, the worst of it is most of the crimes go not only unpunished, but many do not even get reported. If you see something, say something.

Hire An Investigator

The final step is to make sure if the police miss evidence, you don’t. Hire an investigator shortly after you notify the police and let us help you get the evidence you need to put an end to the abuse in court.

The fee that is billed up front is for the minimum amount of hours required (4 hours) the hourly rate beyond those hours is $55 an hour. Additional fee's will be billed via invoice after investigation.

Hire An Investigator

Add Investigation To Your Cart

Click the buy now and on the next page make sure to add the product to the cart, this will allow you to pay us the costs due right away and move forward ended the heinous crime.

Enter Billing Details and Answer a Few Investigation Questions

Upon checkout, you will have your billing details to enter you will also have a form to fill out, just answer as many questions as you can up front so we can get a jump start on your report. You will also be presented with the ability to apply for credit and finance the investigation with PayPal financing.

Receive Report

After all evidence we can gather is collected, we will securely upload your report to your account documents to view or download online, you may also request other forms of media as well such as photos or cd's and dvd's of the report.